Do you want to discover some irish car services? Watch our 60-second videos-clip in which automotive businesses explain what makes them different and how they can help you. We reference new and second hand cars services, tyres Ireland companies, car repair services and much more. Contact one of them today!

9D Diagnostics

Specialises in Electronic Fault System Diagnosis and Solutions. Our services include car collection and return to your workplace at no extra cost.

Hyundai Kingstown Motors

A Main Dealer for Hyundai and offers a complete motoring package to all our customers, serving the needs of Irish motorist for more than 20 years.

BMG Mechanics

Located in west Dublin, Lucan we repair all types of vehicles. Having over 30 years experience repairing all types of cars, vans and SUV's and over 40 years experience repairing truck and trailer systems your vehicle will receive the highest quality workmanship and diligence.

Go Rentals

Go Rentals supply vehicles on short and long term contracts to many businesses, the general public, semi-state bodies and Local Authorities.

Bluefleet Rentals

Bluefleet Rentals

As a dedicated van rental business, we provide you with vehicles that are maintained to an excellent standard and available at any time.

Rathcoole Commercial

Rathcoole Commercial

As a CVRT (DOE) Test Centre that specialises in commercial vehicles, you can rely on us to test your trucks and vans.

Clane Auto Services

Clane Auto Services

Clane Auto Services is a trusted car and van garage based in Blackhall, Clane, Co. Kildare, where your vehicle can be checked, serviced and repaired.

kylemore cars

Kylemore Cars

Kylemore Cars are Ireland's leading suppliers of all used cars and commercial vehicles.

Auto Depot Tyre

Auto Depot

Autodepot Tyres is an established (2006) Irish company with depots located in Dublin and co.Kildare. We stock a large selection of new and part worn tyres. Winter and all season tyres available.

Bluebell Tyre Services

Bluebell Tyre Services can balance all types of wheels from cars and trucks, steel and alloy using all the latest balancing technology.

First Choice Autos

This family run business specialised in car sales, car servicing and repairs has a wealth of knowledge & experience to offer to their customers.


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Car Services

Many of us are reliant on our cars, and finding a trustworthy local mechanic to maintain it for us is a big bonus. While we often just go with the cheapest price, knowing a mechanic has your best interests at heart can go a long way. Many people with new cars entrust their servicing and maintenance to the main dealer while the car is still under warranty, but as long as a third party mechanic uses the manufacturers recommended parts there is no reason to pay main dealer prices if you’re happy with a local mechanic.

Staying on top of regular servicing can reduce the likelihood of needing an unexpected repair. Dealing with problems as they arise can also help you avoid big bills at a mechanics, as a problem can get worse and affect other components if left to deteriorate.

Some people like to get a quote in writing before letting a mechanic undertake any work, especially if it’s a new garage they haven’t used before. When shopping around for a mechanic the cheapest isn’t always the best. Ask about the parts they use and make sure they’re not using any sub-standard or reconditioned car parts without your knowledge.

Once you’ve used My Business Finder to search for a local garage you should look at online reviews to see what other people think of their service. This will show up any praise or problems from other customers, and will help you to build a clearer picture about the level of service you should expect.

Car Manufacturer

Purchasing a car is the second biggest purchase many of us make, after our home. With all the big car manufacturers selling their cars in Ireland, we have no shortage of options. While plenty of people opt to buy new cars, modern day reliability and better dealer service makes a quality used vehicle an attractive proposition for many people.

There are also far more options on how you finance a vehicle purchase. While traditional HP (Hire Purchase) is very popular, opting for a variation of a lease deal where you pay smaller monthly payments, then have the option of paying a balloon payment or returning the car at the end, is also growing in popularity.

Purchasing a new car can be overwhelming for some people, and while plenty of people know exactly what they want, some people can get flustered and swayed by salesmen. It’s always a good idea to remain calm, and if you’re unsure give yourself time to think it through, before making any big decision.

Electric cars are becoming more advanced every year. A better battery range and more charging options have seen them growing in popularity, with some governments even setting a date for when only electric vehicles will be allowed to be sold. Manufacturers like BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, and many other car manufacturers already have an electric vehicle on the market or in development.


CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthy Test) testing is a regular requirement for some commercial vehicles, it ensures they stay roadworthy and our roads stay safe. Some garages offer a pre-test service to ensure everything is up to standard before your vehicle has the test, but if your vehicle does fail a CVRT you will have 21 days or 4,000km to get the repairs carried out and a retest done.

An accredited tester must carry out CVRT testing in Ireland. All accredited CVR testers are monitored by the RSA (Road Safety Authority). For businesses that rely on their commercial fleet to keep their business on the road, any downtime for a vehicle can be costly. There are lots of simple things you can do prior to the test to help it run smoothly.

Ensure the seating area is free from any personal belonging, and that the cargo area is empty. Registration plates should be clean and all your lights should be in working order. Engine fluids, (oil, water, washer fluid) should all be topped up.

Whoever takes the vehicle for its test must have appropriate ID on them, which is usually their driving license or passport, failure to produce your ID means no certificate will be issued. Once you’ve passed the test your certificate is valid for 12 months. Even when you have your CVRT test certificate, it’s still recommended drivers check some items regularly, such as lights and tires, to ensure the vehicle stays roadworthy. If a driver notices anything wrong they should address it immediately to avoid it becoming a bigger more costly problem further down the line.