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Tax Assist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants Naas

We at TaxAssist Accountants Naas specialise in all things related to tax & your business, as well as offering a full range of accountancy services also such as payroll, bookkeeping & vat returns for flat monthly fee

O’Kelly Sutton

Deliver expert advice to meet all your audit, accountancy, taxation, and business development needs.

Cronin & Company

We are a Dublin based Accountancy Firm consisting of 60 very experienced professionals offering a wide range of accounting services.

BCK Accountants

BCK Accountants

A Dublin's premier accountancy firm, offering tailored advice to precisely match your individual needs.

Sales Performance

Sales Performance offer Sales Training Courses & Sales Recruitment Consultancy Services in Dublin, Ireland.

Pimbrook Software

Pimbrook Software is a leading provider of Sage 50 Accounting Software and Micropay Payroll Software for small to medium size businesses in Ireland

OKC Business Services

We are a leading business advisory firm based in South Dublin. We offer a wide range of business services to our loyal clients.

Canning Whelan Accountants Naas

We are a fully serviced Accountancy practice based on the main in Naas Town, Co. Kildare. We look after, all forms of tax and accountancy returns for you and your business.


Powerful Legal Accounting & Property Management Software.

Itas Accounting

We provide a highly professional and reliable support service to individuals and small businesses nationwide, in meeting their tax and accounting obligations.

Malone & Co

We provide accounting, auditing, book-keeping and payroll services as well as tax advice to a range of clients nationwide and internationally.


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Financial advisors

Selecting the best financial advisor in Ireland for your needs can be a challenge. Don’t be put off if you don’t know much about the subject, it doesn’t have to be daunting. There are some general checks and questions that are always worth asking.

First you need to check they are qualified in the areas where you require assistance. Some are restricted to specific sectors within financial planning. Others can offer wealth management and financial advice on pensions, life insurance, mortgage protection, investments and savings. Ask them if they have any specialities, and if so, what they are.

It’s also important to know whether they are tied to any particular financial institutions, as this can limit the financial products they can offer. Choosing a genuinely independent financial advisor will give you a broader range of plans, policies, and investments to choose from. When an advisor in independent they act as a financial broker for several financial institutions, increasing the likelihood they will provide unbiased advice and you’ll get the best financial product for you.

Before speaking to them spend some time creating a shortlist based on your priorities. Whether you want to use the closest wealth management company to you, or you prefer to opt for the longest established one, narrow it down to two or three candidates. Most reputable financial advisors will be happy to hold an initial conversation with you for free, whether over the phone or in person. Working with a good financial planner is a long-term relationship, so speak to your shortlist and gauge whether you think you’ll get along well or not.

Ask them about experience relevant to your situation. Maybe you run a business and need business financial planning too. You might already have finance products tied up elsewhere. Whatever your situation, take your time. Select the person you feel is the best fit for you. Good professional advice will help you to set clear financial goals and implement a realistic plan to achieve them.

Financial services

The financial services sector is large. To select the right company you must have a clear idea about what you need help with. This will allow you to be more specific when searching.

If you’re self employed look for an independent financial advisor with experience working for businesses. If your primary concern is retirement, then read the websites of your favourite financial planners from our list and see which has the best information on retirement planning and pensions.

Financial services can generally be divided into a few categories. There’s investment and wealth management for those looking to build their financial security for the future. There’s retirement planning for those planning ahead or already retired. The final one can be categorise as stand alone financial services, which incorporates everything from finding the best mortgage or loan, to life insurance and sickness policies. A lot of these will also apply to businesses as well as individuals.

Once you have found a couple of financial planning companies that offer the services you need, it’s a good idea to look at customer reviews and testimonials. This will help you build an idea of how professional, trustworthy and experienced they are. You’ll also discover if their customer service is any good.

If you’re happy with everything you read about them, the next step is to give them a call. Most financial planners will be happy to have a chat about your circumstances. Ask questions relevant to you. By the time the conversations are finished you should have an idea about whose financial services you want to use. Even if it’s purely based on which one you liked the sound of the most. It’s a long-term relationship, so it becomes a lot easier if your financial planner is friendly and easy to chat to.

Financial solutions

There are many financial solutions providers in Ireland. Choosing the right one for your financial needs will empower you by giving you control of your own financial security and economic future.

Choosing a completely independent financial advisor to provide your financial solutions is the best way to guarantee you find the financial products that are best suited to you. A professional financial advisor will look at your current situation consider many things. Do your current policies give you the best value for money? What steps have you taken to protect your income in case of sickness, injury or disability? Are your investments and pension getting the best returns possible? Do you have a financial plan that clearly defines you long-term investment goals?

These are just some of the questions that should be asked. A good independent financial planner will be able to ensure the answer to all of these is yes. They will also keep you informed of any changes in the financial markets that affect you and provide solid ongoing advice so your money is always working as smartly as possible.

When selecting which company to use ensure their specialities align with your goals. Select someone who is qualified and experienced in the specific areas you need help with. Make contact with two or three of your favourite financial planners, most are happy to have an initial chat free of charge, and see which one you get on with the best. If you still have trouble narrowing the field to a single financial planning company, then check out their online reviews and testimonials from previous and existing customers. This should help give you a clear indication of which financial planner provides the best customer service.

Business finance

When you run your own business there are several reasons why you might need business finance. Often it depends on the nature of the business. A transport company will probably require motor finance or leasing, while an office-based firm might require a business mortgage to acquire their own workspace.

Being self-employed isn’t always easy, the hours can be long and the pay isn’t always as great as some imagine. That is why finding a trusted source of financial advice and products can take some weight off your shoulders, leaving you to concentrate on what you’re good at.

Every financial decision you make for your business seems to have a tax implication of some sort. A professional financial advisor with experience in providing business financial services will be able to help you navigate this maze. They will also help you manage your assets, ensuring you don’t get any nasty shocks from the taxman at the end of the year.

In Ireland agricultural finance is common. Whether it’s hire purchase or a lease plan for new machinery, or a commercial mortgage for additional land, many financial planners in Ireland will have experience in the agricultural sector.

When you select a financial planner to help keep your wealth moving in the right direction, and your business going from strength to strength, you are committing to a long-term relationship. The right financial planner will not only be professional, friendly, and offer good solid advice, but they will also be by your side when times are tough, sharing the burden and helping you through.

Whatever your priorities, from location to experience, select an independent financial advisor you feel happy about working with. You will spend a lot of time together over the years to come, and the whole process can be made so much easier by having a better rapport with your financial planner.