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McCormack Hooper Dolan Insurances are made up of dedicated insurance professionals who serve and are commited to finding the right insurance for each client.


The first Insurance comparison engine in Ireland which provides Insurance quotes from top insurance providers under one brand.


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Insurance is a fundamental part of keeping us secure. While it’s always preferable to get a great deal, insurance is one area where the cheapest isn’t always the best. Whatever type of insurance you’re after, it’s important to identify the most crucial factors to you. Then you can compare policies and select the best insurance for your needs. Several factors could sway your decision. These could include low excess, the level of cover, or it may simply come down to picking the policy with the lowest premium.

There is a wide range of insurance services available in Dublin, and while some companies will specialise in just one area, many insurance companies will have a team experienced in most types of insurance. These can include insurance for your car, buildings and contents, farm, health and business insurances.

Not all insurances are optional. If you’re a motorist you are required by law to have a certain level of cover. This protects other road users in case of an accident. Businesses are required to have employer’s liability and public liability insurance to protect the public and their workforce.

Building a good relationship with a local brokerage can give you a single place for all your insurance needs, removing some of the hassle from searching for insurance. Because an insurance brokerage can access several markets they can shop around for the best insurance quote for you. The better a brokerage knows you, the easier it is for them to search insurance companies for a policy suited to your personal needs.