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Gary Daly & Co Solicitors

With an excellent legal and administrative team, Gary Daly & Co. takes great pride in the professional and friendly legal service offered to clients.

DND law

Donnelly, Neary and Donnelly Solicitors in Newry Northern Ireland dates back to 1902 and is at present a legal firm of three partners and one assistant solicitor.

M.P. Moloney Solicitors

MP Moloney Solicitors is the new practice name for Abacus Legal Law Firm and continues to provide specialist business, property, licensing and litigation legal services in Dublin City Centre.

Cristina Stamatescu Solicitors

“Cristina Stamatescu Solicitor’s mission is to provide high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for clients and the community.

Doyle & Co Solicitors

Doyle & Company Solicitors has over 35 years legal experience of providing an honest and transparent legal service to its clients in Dublin 7 and Dublin 15.

Simon McAleese Solicitors

Simon McAleese Solicitors is a dynamic law firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Our lawyers offer specialist legal advice to individuals and corporates.


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Solicitors often have specialities. This could be partly down to a solicitor’s own personal preference, but there is no denying law is a complex subject, and often a single specialism within the legal sector is so complicated they can build their whole career on a single type of legal practice.

Just a few of the specialisms you will come across include personal injury, employment law, criminal solicitors, and none contentious matters such as real estate transactions or will writing. Solicitors are often engaged in commercial activity too. When any binding contract is being signed, or long-term commitment made, getting a professional opinion from a trained solicitor can add extra peace of mind.

There are also many solicitors that deal with a range of issues, from property sales/purchases, professional will writing, and most legal matters the average person will come across in their day-to-day lives. Often once a solicitor has earned a client’s trust they will stay engaged by the client for all legal matters. If anything arises outside their scope, they will be well placed to recommend a colleague.

To become a professional solicitor in Ireland you must pass exams and complete a minimum of two years as an apprenticeship. Their legal knowledge takes years of training to obtain, and it takes them even longer to prove their proficiency. This means when you engage a firm of properly qualified solicitors Dublin, you will know they’ve earned their legal stripes. When initially engaging a new solicitor avoid friends, family and colleagues. It can help avoid any conflicts of interest.

Legal Advice

Legal advice can be needed for several reasons. You could potentially need help with anything from an accident at work to a dispute with your neighbour. Solicitors can be more experienced in some areas than others, which is why it’s always good to ask questions about a solicitors background when engaging them for the first time. Just because someone was great helping you to write your will doesn’t mean they will be experts in dealing with unfair dismissal.

When seeking legal advice from any Dublin solicitors make sure you have clearly defined questions ready to avoid any confusion. Being as specific as possible will help the solicitor to provide the best legal advice for your situation. While a personal recommendation is always good, it’s essential to ensure the solicitor has experience in the area of law you require assistance. A lot of solicitors start specialising in certain areas early in their training, making them very useful if your legal problem falls within their remit.

Family law and employment rights solicitors are two common specialisms. Both sectors are full of complex legislation where only an expert solicitor in that field will provide you with sufficient legal representation. Sometimes a firm of solicitors in Dublin will be made up of more than one solicitor, and often each solicitor will have experience in different areas, allowing them to cater a wider client base.