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GPX Rail

GPX Rail is a civil engineering company which specialises in all aspects of rail installation and maintenance.

Cliona Doyle – Fine Arts

Cliona Doyle fine art print maker awarded an honors degree in Fine Art in 1991 now based in the Graphic Studio Dublin.

Michael Mortell Antiques

Michael Mortell Antiques provides 20th Century Furniture, Art Deco Furniture & Mid–Century Furniture, Picasso Ceramics in Dublin.


Container Coffee

Container Coffee is a unique spot for great coffee, gourmet sandwiches & treats on Thomas Street.



MMI Group Ltd. is a family run manufacturing business specialising in medals, trophies and awards since 1939

Allen Sign & Display

Allen Sign & Display

Allen Sign & Display creates cutting edge signage & displays that showcase your company in a contemporary and stylish way, adding brand value

Siopaella Designer Exchange


An Ireland’s largest designer exchange store featuring new and pre-loved designer handbags, accessories and clothing.

Thornton Pianos

Thornton Pianos Ireland

Thornton Pianos Ireland is one of Ireland's leading piano shops and can cater for your piano requirements.


a provider of service activation, broadband provisioning (DOCSIS, TR-069, PacketCable, and SIP), IP address management (IPAM), and network intelligence solutions that increase operational efficiency, and monetize IP-based subscriber and commercial services.

McIntyres Jewellers

McIntyres is a family-run business serving the local Naas community for the past 25 years. Specialists in Diamond & Gold handmade jewellery, we also buy Gold & Silver


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Gym membership is something most of us have either had or considered at some point. There’s even a running joke about how busy Gym’s are after new years, full of people who have made resolutions to lose weight or get fit. A lot of them are no longer visiting the gym a few months later when their motivation has depleted and the stresses of everyday life have outweighed their commitment to their resolution.

The path to a healthier you is paved with many factors. A sensible gym program that fits your life is essential. An instructor who understands your challenges and can help you overcome the hurdles you face is a big plus, as not only will your gym program be tailored to your needs, it will also help you achieve your results in the safest and quickest way without risking injury or compromising your health in other areas.

Selecting the right sort of gym for the type of exercise you enjoy can also help. If you enjoy doing free-weights and calisthenics, then find a gym where these are a priority. If you love taking fitness classes in a group, then use My Business Finder to identify a gym that offers lots of different classes for you to try. Some people love spinning classes or Zumba, while others will be enticed by martial arts. Whatever your fitness goals, the more fun you make your exercise the more likely you are to achieve them.


Workout routines vary greatly. Some of you will have tried a workout plan and found it boring or too hard, while others may love the same routine. There are no hard and fast rules for the correct way to exercise, the trick is to discover the way you like to exercise. Whether you prefer free weights or resistance machines, the rower or the treadmill, there is a plan that can work for you.

When you work with a professional personal trainer to build a workout plan they will take into account your personal preferences. Many may also offer additional help and advice about incorporating more exercise into your daily life, and provide guidance on nutrition.

A professional personal trainer is much more than someone who knows a few exercises and tells you to eat fruit. He or she will be trained in fitness, nutrition, physiology and often Pilates as well. When they create a workout plan for you they are looking for the best ways to help you achieve realistic results in a consistent manner. Results that will make you happier and healthier, as well as reducing your chances of falling victim to health conditions as you age.

When dealing with a personal trainer always be honest when answering their questions. While it can be tempting to seem more disciplined than we actually are, wanting to lose a beer belly while claiming to be living off the occasional piece of lettuce is rarely convincing and doesn’t help your personal trainer to build the optimal workout plan for you.


Yoga has been growing in popularity for many years. Whether you’re a beginner who struggles to touch their toes, or you’re poking yourself in the eye with your big toe regularly, My Business Finder can help you find the perfect yoga instructor for your experience level and age.

The benefits of yoga are vast. One of its greatest strengths is the wide range of appeal. It can help improve your health and flexibility whether you’re a professional sportsman/woman or a retired office worker. Becoming a yoga instructor takes years of practice perfecting difficult yoga poses, as well as understanding the affects each pose has on the practitioner. Equally as important as the physical aspect of yoga is the respiratory discipline. Correct breathing is an integral part of most yoga poses, and perfecting their breathing techniques is a big part of any yoga instructors training.

There are different types of yoga. Ashtanga yoga consists of learning six yoga pose sequences, moving from one pose to the next in time with your breathing. Bikram yoga consists of 26 yoga poses each performed twice. Traditionally these should be performed in a hot room with relatively high humidity. Hatha yoga is perhaps the most common, and is one of the original six branches of yoga. It incorporates many of the more specific yoga practices under a single banner.

There are many more types of yoga, each with their own unique approach, poses, and requirements. Speaking to a qualified instructor will open up a world of discovery to new ways you can improve your overall health, fitness and flexibility.


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