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Do you want to discover some irish Outdoor & Garden services? Watch our 60-second videos-clip in which businesses explain what makes them different and how they can help you. We reference garden design services, garden furniture shops and much more. Contact one of them today!

Nina Alfresco Designs

Nina Alfresco Designs is a practice offering services within landscape architecture and garden design.

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We provide a wide range of innovative gardening and related products so you can enjoy your home & garden.

Newbridge Sales & Hire

Newbridge Sales & Hire

At Newbridge Sales & Hire, we have experts in Husqvarna Automower Sales, Service and Installation with excellent service and competitive prices for all of your DIY, Painting, Gardening, work-wear, hardware and machinery/tool hire needs.

Wallace Mobile Homes

We specialise in mobile home sales. Whether to serve as a holiday home, accommodation during a self build project, an office or even a storage unit.


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Office Supplies

Office supplies are essential to the smooth running of a modern business. Few things are as inconvenient in our daily lives as running out of something essential to our work. Whether it’s printer cartridges, business cards or tea and coffee, it adds unnecessary stress to our working day.

While many office supply companies offer quick delivery, it’s much better for your business productivity and your employees’ sanity to have a well-stocked stationery cupboard. Using My Business Finder to find a good local company allows you to start building a strong relationship with a stationery supplier, which over time often leads to bigger discounts and better deals.

Not all of your office supplies are straightforward consumables. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of using personalised promotional products to spread their name throughout their local community or trade. These require a little more consideration. Choosing the best product for your existing or prospective customers, as well as ensuring the design maximises the use of your logo.

As well as paper, pens and printer ink, many office suppliers also offer basic office furniture. Using them can save you time when you need to replace a single chair or cabinet. When you’re looking for a more comprehensive office fit out it’s still a good idea to speak to a professional fit out company that understands all of the factors you need to consider. Your office design can help increase productivity, worker satisfaction and the quality of your output.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is an important part of the impression your business creates. Whether it’s your own team members’ perception or making a good first impression on a prospective client who is visiting your office for the first time. Sitting on a mismatched wobbly chair crammed into a corner isn’t the most desirable position to relax an employee or client.

Even if your office is in good condition, over time you’ll replace faulty chairs, cabinets and desks with new office furniture that doesn’t match your original furniture. This eventually leads to your office interior design looking like it’s built around what was available at the car boot sale, rather than a professional plan.

A well-designed office will increase your employees’ productivity, sense of wellbeing and their overall job satisfaction. This makes your office a happier place to be and has been proven to lead to a reduction in the number of sick days taken. This all adds up to a more profitable and happy business.

There is much more to a modern office design than chairs, desks and filing cabinets. Other proven ways to make your office more efficient includes the use of plants, art, natural light and improved artificial lighting. Using a professional fit out company will help you to make the most of your space while keeping the renovation within your budget. Whether you need a single chair or a complete new design, My Business Finder can connect you with professional office furniture companies that can help you.


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Gardening Supplies

For many people their garden provides a haven to escape the rat race of everyday life. Every person has a different idea about what his or her ideal garden would look like. Some of us would create a relaxing and low maintenance Japanese style garden, while more traditional people may still opt for a well kept lawn and bright flowerbeds. Families may want to insert more fun into their outdoor space. Thankfully, in Dublin we have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the best gardening supplies to create our own little slice of heaven.

While it’s great to design a space perfect for those long summer evenings, a realistic view about the Irish weather can help you to create a garden you can enjoy all year round. Whether you’re a green fingered enthusiast that likes to spend the weekends getting their hands dirty, or you’re interest in gardening is restricted to having something pretty to look at while you sip your morning coffee, My Business Finder will help you find all the gardening supplies you need at the right price.

If you prefer a low maintenance garden then artificial grass, artificial hedging, and plant trolleys might be at the top of your shopping list. There are more affordable options to help you transform your garden than ever, from rubber chippings to kerbs, dust control door mats to tree rings. The options are endless.

Gardening Tools

For people who like to spend time in their garden, a well-stocked shed with every tool they’ll ever need is an exciting prospect. Regardless of how simple or complex your garden design is, it’s important to select the best tool for every job. Not only does this make the job easier, but it also improves the end product.

Whether you have a small Japanese garden with a water feature, or a huge sweeping lawn surrounded by flowerbeds, make sure you buy the best tools to suit your needs.

The range of gardening tools available has grown considerably over the years, from common tools like a shovel, rake and hoe, to more specialised tools like a post hole digger, cultivator and weed whacker. Some items commonly sold with gardening tools will be used by nearly all gardeners, such as gardening gloves or a trowel.

Buying cheaper gardening tools can sometimes be false economy if the tool is going to get heavy use. Gardeners will sometimes opt to repair tools rather than replace them, changing a handle or other part rather than purchasing a new one. Even when purchasing new tools you can sometimes select different options, such as a handle or grip type. Tools also go through different manufacturing processes, with heat tempered forged tools usually being stronger than tools stamped from metal sheets.


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Estate Agents

Moving house is listed as one of the most stressful things we do. A good estate agent can help to remove some of this stress from your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the good bits more. Buying or selling your home can be exciting, but also requires lots of legal and professional help to make it as seamless as possible.

When you’re selling a house there are different options when choosing an estate agent. You can opt for a multiple agreement that lets you list your property with as many estate agents as you like, or you can select a sole agreement that gives a single estate agent exclusive rights to market your property. Selecting a sole agreement can sometimes mean you can get a better deal, as the agent is more likely to make an effort marketing your property if they know another agency isn’t going to sell it first.

After you’ve found an estate agent in Dublin on My Business Finder, you can look at online reviews and start to get a feeling for how quickly they sell properties, and how close they come to achieving the asking price.

Make sure you understand an agents viewing policy to avoid any misunderstandings later on. If you opt for a sole agreement ensure you’re happy with the tie in period and their rate of commission. Even if you intend to opt for a sole agreement with an estate agency, you can still get a few to come round and give you a valuation, although a local estate agent will usually have a better understanding of the housing market in your area.

House Decoration

Whether you’re putting your stamp on a new property, or just refreshing your current one, house decoration companies will offer a range of services to suit your requirements. Many of us have tried decorating ourselves, and will already be aware of how much better the finished job can look when you use a professional. A simple change of colour scheme can change the whole feel of a space, and can be a relatively quick, simple and cost effective solution when you want to refresh your home.

Some painters and decorators are also qualified to work on restoration projects, or specialise in working on period properties. Having worked on many different properties also gives them an excellent insight into possible solutions to your decorating problems. If you can’t decide on a colour or design, or aren’t sure what material would be the best to use, then they can help advise you on the best options for you.

Most professional decorators will be experienced in using both internal and external materials, and will have worked on residential and commercial projects. If you want to create a special effect using paint, then many will also know how to create your desired effect.

Using My Business Finder will help you find a local reputable tradesman to take care of all your house decoration needs. Once you’ve selected a potential decorator you can look at their online reviews to see what other customers thought of their house decoration services.


Whether you are extending your existing property or building a new one, hiring a homebuilder usually represents a significant investment. This is why it’s important to ensure the homebuilder you choose has the relevant experience and expertise to deliver your project on time and to budget. When you use a professional the end result should add value to an existing property.

If you’re building an extension on you current property you want it to be as sympathetic as possible to the existing building. Selecting the right materials can be crucial to the finished look of the project. Many homebuilders specialise in certain areas, whether it’s complete new builds or renovations, and looking at their previous work can help you to establish their suitability for your project. Many homebuilders will have an online or physical portfolio you can view to help you assess the quality of their work before deciding which company is the best fir for you.

Deciding to build your own home can be exciting, but also stressful. You need to build a team of professionals who will all push in the same direction to help you build your dream home. An experienced homebuilder will be used to working with architects, surveyors and clients to ensure the project is kept on track, both time wise and financially. They will know all of the relevant regulations and ensure your project passes any inspections to avoid delays or any additional costs.