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The pursuit of a more effective way to work - for you, for your managers and for your dedicated staff.

Freehand Digital

A multifaceted creative agency, providing our clients with Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Photography services.


New, affordable, easy-to-use marketing platform helping Irish consumers find products and services, locally!


A boutique agency focusing on branding, marketing and communications.

Wallace Mobile Homes

We specialise in mobile home sales. Whether to serve as a holiday home, accommodation during a self build project, an office or even a storage unit.

be productive


BeProductive helps people change the way they work so they can get things done in today's hectic world of work.


CONKER was established with the purpose of helping people in business to CONKER the Digital World.

fusion marketing

Fusion Marketing

Fusion Marketing Specialises in Marketing Services for Start-Ups & SME’s.



Building the world's best training platform for essential business data skills. Online learning for Excel, Tableau & more.

Boost Your Sales

Use proven techniques and processes to maximise sales for your business.


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Office Supplies

Office supplies are essential to the smooth running of a modern business. Few things are as inconvenient in our daily lives as running out of something essential to our work. Whether it’s printer cartridges, business cards or tea and coffee, it adds unnecessary stress to our working day.

While many office supply companies offer quick delivery, it’s much better for your business productivity and your employees’ sanity to have a well-stocked stationery cupboard. Using My Business Finder to find a good local company allows you to start building a strong relationship with a stationery supplier, which over time often leads to bigger discounts and better deals.

Not all of your office supplies are straightforward consumables. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of using personalised promotional products to spread their name throughout their local community or trade. These require a little more consideration. Choosing the best product for your existing or prospective customers, as well as ensuring the design maximises the use of your logo.

As well as paper, pens and printer ink, many office suppliers also offer basic office furniture. Using them can save you time when you need to replace a single chair or cabinet. When you’re looking for a more comprehensive office fit out it’s still a good idea to speak to a professional fit out company that understands all of the factors you need to consider. Your office design can help increase productivity, worker satisfaction and the quality of your output.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is an important part of the impression your business creates. Whether it’s your own team members’ perception or making a good first impression on a prospective client who is visiting your office for the first time. Sitting on a mismatched wobbly chair crammed into a corner isn’t the most desirable position to relax an employee or client.

Even if your office is in good condition, over time you’ll replace faulty chairs, cabinets and desks with new office furniture that doesn’t match your original furniture. This eventually leads to your office interior design looking like it’s built around what was available at the car boot sale, rather than a professional plan.

A well-designed office will increase your employees’ productivity, sense of wellbeing and their overall job satisfaction. This makes your office a happier place to be and has been proven to lead to a reduction in the number of sick days taken. This all adds up to a more profitable and happy business.

There is much more to a modern office design than chairs, desks and filing cabinets. Other proven ways to make your office more efficient includes the use of plants, art, natural light and improved artificial lighting. Using a professional fit out company will help you to make the most of your space while keeping the renovation within your budget. Whether you need a single chair or a complete new design, My Business Finder can connect you with professional office furniture companies that can help you.