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Dental Options

Our aim is to bring the highest standard of dentistry in the world today to our patients

Sadies Kitchen

Sadie’s Kitchen

Sadie's Kitchen created healthy and nutrient packed, delicious bone broths for you and your family to enjoy at home.

Connect Hearing

Pride ourselves on being a leading hearing healthcare provider in Ireland and offer a full service to both new and existing hearing aid wearers.

The Back Shop

Designing and selling products for the relief of back pain for over 35 years.

Daly’s Pharmacy

Daly's has been in business for over one hundred years serving the people of Naas.

Laser Therapy Healing

Laser Therapy Healing is owned and ran by Tara O'Connor, a certified laser therapist treating pain and inflammation. I am based in Botanic Health Clinic in Drumcondra and also offer home visits.


Here2help envisages a society where everyone has access to information, education, support and counselling on sexual health, contraception, crisis pregnancy, relationships and knowledge of their own personal histories.

Cremore Clinic

Welcome to the Cremore Clinic. The Doctors and Staff of the Cremore Clinic invite you to experience our holistic approach to General Practice of which we are very proud.

Deep Health Wellness Centre

As a newly established name in the world of health, Deep Health Wellness Centre has become hub for everything you need to live your best life.

GS Medical

Established in 2003, GS Medical Ltd is an ISO accredited supplier of medical products and equipment to all major hospitals Public & Private across Ireland.

Wright Safety

Based in Wexford we provide Training and Consultancy Services primarily to the hospitality, care, transportation, construction, retail and manufacturing sector.


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Dental Clinic

A trip to the dentist can be a daunting prospect, which is why it’s important to so many of us to go to a dental clinic in Dublin where we trust our dentist. Building a good relationship with your dentist helps you to keep your teeth in excellent condition. Finding the best fit for you can be very personal. However, most of us would agree we want to receive the best quality dental treatment at a cost effective price.

Using My Business Finder can help you to identify local trusted dental clinics close to you. Once you have identified a couple you think are a good fit, then you can check out the reviews from existing patients to see how happy others are with the services they provide.

Some dentists will have specific areas they specialise in. The dental clinics website will often state the dentists qualifications and experience, allowing you to check out the suitability of any particular dental practice. If you require a specific treatment, such as cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, or even a custom-made mouth guard, then you will probably prefer a dentist with experience in the required niche.

Once you have narrowed the field to just one or two possibilities it’s a good idea to call the practice and ask about financing options and availability. Communicating with them will also give you an indication of their customer service standards. Are they polite and personable? Do the employees appear to be knowledgeable? These can all help to put your mind at ease.

Natural Health

Natural health treatments in Dublin have been growing in popularity for many years. Some alternative therapies are now even a common part of mainstream medicine, with practices like acupuncture becoming a commonly accepted treatment for many problems.

Naturopathic medicine and treatments don’t just focus on treating illnesses. They focus heavily on preventative medicine too. Most of us will benefit from a detox, or even making the time to practice mindfulness and meditation. In a hectic world where our senses are increasingly bombarded with stimuli, My Business Finder can help you connect with the people who can offer a much-needed respite for our bodies and our brain.

Natural health treatments cover every area of personal wellbeing, from diet to muscular and skeletal issues. While many people won’t seek help until they have a specific problem, there are an ever-growing number of people who regularly receive massages and other treatments as a way to help them maintain their health.

A more holistic approach to health has been practiced in many civilizations over the centuries, from Oriental medicine to the Aborigines in Australia, many people believe the ancient wisdom of some of these practices are just as beneficial today as they were 1,000 years ago.


A chiropractor uses skeletal manipulation to bring your body back into alignment, helping it to heal itself by treating the root cause of the problem. It’s effective in pain relief for ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles and joints, but statistically the majority of patients who consult a professional chiropractor are seeking help for some type of back pain. It provides an alternative natural route to surgery or medication.

Any symptoms caused by mechanical dysfunction, and the impact this has on your nervous system, will be diagnosed and treated by a chiropractor. Some chiropractors also incorporate exercise and nutrition as part of some patient’s rehabilitation. Many patients benefit from an increased range of motion, reduced pain, and it has also proven effective in treating headaches. If you need a chiropractor local to you in Dublin, then My Business Finder can help you find the best one for you.

People who consult chiropractors do so for a wide range of reasons, from long standing degenerative conditions or pain caused by poor posture, right through to patients who have been involved in a car accident or trip. Many patients who consult a chiropractor for a specific reason have also reported other additional benefits, such as improved sleeping habits, an increase in their energy levels, and an improvement in their ability to concentrate.

A chiropractic approach is a full body approach, and while they’ll always address your specific issues, re-establishing balance in your body can help your health in other general ways too.

Medical Software

Medical software is an area undergoing disruption from the infiltration of digital into more parts of our lives. More innovative solutions appear in the marketplace every year. Whether the software is aimed at patients or medical professionals, My Business Finder can help you find a service provider near you.

Some companies are now signing up to digital consultancy services, helping their employees to get quicker access to medical advice, while at the same time cutting down on the time being taken off work for doctors appointments and sick days. Sick days cost businesses a huge amount of money every year, and with GPs waiting lists growing all the time, any solution that provides access to top quality health care without the inconvenience will be welcomed by everyone.

Some software solutions are more specialised, and instead offer tools specifically designed to be used by medical professionals in a hospital environment. These have helped doctors to gain access to the relevant information at the appropriate time, making them more efficient, and freeing up extra time for them to concentrate on what really matters, treating their patient.

Mobile technology is being used to give front line medical workers and patients better access to the information they need. As well as being paperless, and creating a more comprehensive record for all care workers, some software also allows medical staff to monitor patients remotely, providing them with a continual stream of information.